Exclusive Wedding Packages at The Aerie

Did you know The Aerie offers five exclusive packages to enhance your wedding day?

Let’s talk about the Paris Package

Imagine starting your wedding day with a limousine pickup for you and your bridal party.  A professional chauffer drives you to The Aerie’s front door where Saundra Tidswell, The Aerie’s exclusive coordinator, greets you with a big smile and itinerary for your Big Day!  As you head downstairs to the beautiful Bridal Suite and Groom’s Lounge, you catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Café and Arborvitae Lighting being setup for you in the gardens.  You think to yourself, "What a stunning backdrop this will be for sunset photos and cocktail hour!"

A few hours later, after a marvelous celebration, your guests line up outside The Aerie’s grand front entrance with sparklers in hand.  You watch as friendly staff coordinate a sparkler lighting, creating the perfect grand finale for you, The Newlyweds!  After making your way down the magical corridor of smiling guest faces, The Aerie’s limo whisks you away to downtown Portland to the city’s finest Benson or Nines Hotel. 

Imagine making an already unforgettable day, unparalleled.  Be it Paris or Bordeaux, The Aerie’s team is here to help you select the perfect package to suit your needs and budget. 

After all, who doesn’t love Paris in the Springtime?  Oui? 

Stunning Sparkler Sendoff!  One of the many features of The Aerie's Paris Package. 

Stunning Sparkler Sendoff!  One of the many features of The Aerie's Paris Package.