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Winter Weather Showdown


  • $30 per person

  • Includes: lunch, prizes, and a competitive day of golf in potentially ridiculous conditions.


  • Registration will begin December 1st in the Pro Shop.
  • You can register and pay online below OR

  • Call/Email:


  • This is a 2-person scramble.  In a scramble, both players tee off on every hole.  The best of the tee shots is selected and both players play their shot from that location.  The better of the second shots is determined, and then both play their third shot from that location.  This continues until the ball is holed.  Only one score is recorded.  Ultimately, the team with the lowest score wins.


  • A portion of the proceeds from this tournament will benefit the Oregon Food Bank.  We encourage you to bring cans of non-perishable food items to help fill a bag!


  • Winter rules are in effect, so from off of the green, players can mark, lift, clean and replace their ball within 6 inches (no closer to the hole).

  • All players need to repair their ball marks on the greens.


  • We will have KP prizes and 2-Person Best Ball
  • Door Prize Giveaways – each participant will receive a door prize drawing ticket.  Additional tickets available for purchase.


  • Lunch will be provided after the tournament, during the awards ceremony.


  • $2 PBR’s

  • $4 Bloody Mary’s

  • $4 Bottled Beer

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