Tournaments & Fundraisers

Eagle Landing’s staff and courses were a ton of fun for our Golfstravaganza Lite tournament. We took 40 people through foot golf, pitch and putt, miniature golf and thanks to the staff, they allowed us to create other types of games on their property! The food from the club house was perfect and Eagle Landing overall is a fantastic place to bring creative tournaments and groups of all experience levels for a multi game day! Kody, Aaron, and Beckie were all fantastic to work with. Golfstravaganza, LLC will absolutely be back to bring even more participants to Eagle Landing for tournaments!
— Golfstravaganza LLC

Golf Tournaments

One of the many unique amenities at our venue is Eagle Landing’s Golf Courses. The expansive property encompasses the distinctively designed 27 holes of Par 3 Golf, 36 holes of Miniature Golf, and 9 holes of Foot Golf. The beautiful greens are the ideal place to break away from the busy work day to enjoy a team building golf tournament or golf-a-thon to raise funds for a preferred charitable organization.

Fundraising Tournaments

Eagle Landing Golf Course has created opportunities for organizations seeking new and unique golfing fundraisers.  We are a team that facilitates growth and change, and believe our golf fundraising opportunities can provide highly profitable outcomes for organizations. The Par 3, Miniature and Foot Golf Courses provide a great avenue for effective fundraising solutions. The advantage of the short course helps organizations run a tournament and raise significant funds in a quick time frame. 

Miniature Golf Tournaments

Everyone can play mini golf! Don't exclude anyone from your fundraising efforts.  Reserve one of our beautiful Miniature Golf Courses for your event and invite the whole school, church, police department, for a fun, challenging and profitable day. 

How it works:

Golf - A - Thon

  • Pick a date and reserve a course
  • Promote the event (Fliers, Social Media, etc.) 
  • Obtain Personal Sponsors
    • Similar to a jog - a - thon, participants will seek sponsorships from family and friends. These can either be a flat fee or per hole donations. 
  • Obtain Event Sponsors 
    • Hole Sponsors, Corporate Donations, Local Business Contributions, etc. 


  • Pick a date and reserve a course 
  • Determine style of play 
    • Scramble, Best Ball, Stroke Play, etc.
  • Promote the event (Fliers, Social Media, etc.)
  • Gather golfers and charge entry fee per golfer or per team 
    • Your organization charges each golfer an entry fee. This covers fees for the greens, catering costs, event costs, etc. 
  • Obtain Event Sponsors 
    • Hole Sponsors, Corporate Donations, Local Business Contributions, etc. 

Contests for Tournaments and Golf - A - Thon

  1. Hole in One Contest: Participants pay to have one shot at making a hole in one on a specific hole. The prize for making a hole in one can be determined by your organization. 
  2. Putting Contest: Participants pay to attempt a putt set at a determined length. A grand prize will be awarded to the person who makes the putt (or most putts).
  3. Mulligans: Participants purchase mulligans for a decided donation amount (i.e., $5).
  4. Closet to Pin: Participants donate a dollar amount to participate in the contest. The golfer with the shot closest to the pin wins and receives a prize. 


  • Venue Space: Available for rent to host a lunch, dinner, auction, or awards ceremony after your golf event. Indoor and Outdoor spaces available.
  • Auction: Host a silent or live auction at your event to increase revenue for your organization.
  • Catering: The Aerie in-house catering team can provide your guests with a gourmet meal to enjoy during your event. 


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