Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: When do I select my menu?

A: We are happy to introduce you to our Catering Services Team, who will work with you to finalize your menu (food and bar) and will be available to collect some of your catering payments.  Please contact them at your convenience. If you are considering a plated meal for your guests, please let Catering Services know as soon as possible so that they can assist you with the details required in plated meal service.  

Q: What about a menu tasting?

A: We are delighted to share the opportunity of our Marriage Enrichment Events – an evening filled with Preferred Professional displays, a guest speaker, and an opportunity to taste our Chef’s selections from The Aerie’s Catering Menu.  The purpose of the tasting is for our clients to gain confidence in our Chef’s catering skills and know that any menu selection chosen will be delicious.  Ask your Event Manager for more information or to RSVP for this event.

Q: When do I select my linen colors?

A: At your Detail Meeting, at least one month prior to your wedding date, you will select your table linens and linen napkins.  Linens and linen napkin colors will be on display during our Marriage Enrichment Project Events.

Q: What linen colors are available?

A: Our current linen selection is as follows:
Table Linens (available in 87” only) - Black, Burgundy, Champagne (Ivory), Green, Red, Royal Blue, & White (or you can upgrade to floor-length linens for only $16 per table with multiple color options)
Linen Napkins- Black, Champagne (Ivory), Chocolate, Gold, Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Pecan, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sandalwood, Light Grey, White, & Yellow

Q: What are the dimensions of the Pergolas?

A: Bellevue Gardens

The Main Pergola measurements are as follows: 10 1⁄2 feet tall, 15 feet wide (in the front), 6 feet wide (in the back), 7 1⁄2 feet deep (from front posts to back posts).

The two additional Side Pergola measurements are as follows:  9 feet 4 inches tall, 9 feet wide.

Belleaire Greens

11 feet tall, 16 feet wide, 9.5 feet deep (from front posts to back posts).

Q: What are the dimensions of the rods in the Grand Ballroom?

A: The rods are 13 feet tall and 12 feet long.

 Q:  What are the dimensions of the wooden arbor that is used in the Marquee Tent during ceremonies?

A:  The arbor structure is 8 feet wide, 8 1/2 feet tall and 5 feet 2 inches deep.

 Q:  What are the dimensions of the Bellevue Garden Patio?

A:  The patio extends 24 feet from the Grand Ballroom's accordion glass doors, and sits 32 feet wide along the Ballroom building.

Q: Can I bring in my own champagne and/or beer and wine for the Bridal Lounge and Groom’s Lounge on the day of my wedding?

A: Yes, with the same corkage fee rates listed in our catering menu. Corkage must be paid before your wedding date. All alcohol must be served/monitored by our Banquet Captain and all alcohol must be consumed prior to the opening of your event bar. No hard alcohol is allowed to be brought into The Aerie.

Q: Can I bring my own snacks for the Bridal Lounge and Groom’s Lounge?

A: Yes, we encourage you to bring store-bought snacks in with you!

Q: Can your Chef provide food for us to enjoy while we’re getting ready before our ceremony?

A: Yes! We have a few options of platters to purchase that would be great to eat while getting ready.

Q: When do I schedule my one hour complimentary wedding rehearsal?

A: We look forward to finding a time to best accommodate your rehearsal preference.  During our busy wedding season, however, we are unable to guarantee rehearsals on evenings or weekends.  One month prior to your wedding day, your Event Manager will look at the availability on our event calendars to determine when your rehearsal will be.  We will always try to accommodate your rehearsal 1-3 days prior to your wedding day.

Q: What if my RSVP count changes?

A: Your estimated final guest count is needed at your detail meeting, which is held at least 30 days prior to your wedding day to plan your room diagrams, tables and linens. Your absolute and final guest count and catering payment are due two weeks (14 business days) prior to your wedding. However, we want to know about unforeseen changes as well. In the event of guest increase after within the last two weeks prior to your wedding, please let us know as soon as possible as we may still be able to add extra meals and invoice accordingly (subject to Chef’s approval). In the unfortunate event of guest decrease, we are unable to credit your catering invoice within 30 days of your event.

Q: Can I take home any food left over from my event?

A: The Aerie does not permit you to take any food from the kitchen due to health department regulations.

Q: Does The Aerie provide sound for my ceremony?

A: Ceremony sound is your responsibility. In most cases, your DJ will provide the appropriate sound equipment, lapel mics and toasting mics. Please advise your DJ to bring needed extension cords, cables, etc. and all equipment for two sound set ups (outdoor and indoor). The Aerie is happy to provide a table with linen for your DJ.

Q: Does The Aerie provide reception music and sound equipment?

A: The Aerie is equipped with an overhead sound system for background dinner music, heard primarily in the Grand Ballroom and Lobby of The Aerie. We are able to play a customized iPod mix that you provide for background dinner music only. Our system is not intended for dancing mixes. The Aerie strongly recommends that your DJ provide sound and coordination of dance mixes, announcements and toasts.

Q: Can I bring in a slideshow?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to bring in a slideshow. We will play this at your preferred time, a special and memorable treat for you and your guests. Please bring your DVD, laptop, or other preferred method of playing your slideshow with you to your wedding rehearsal to ensure that it works properly in our system.  Our system uses a BluRay player so please be sure the DVD or other method is formatted correctly.

Q: Can I arrive before the set up time listed on my contract?

A: With our goal to exceed your expectations and provide an unforgettable wedding experience, we ask that you do not arrive before the set up time listed on your contract. Our set up team, catering department and event managers want The Aerie to be pristine and welcoming upon your arrival. We need the hours before your arrival to ensure everything is perfect. With respect to our needs and wishes, please do not arrive early. Early arrival will incur fees.

Q: Can I store decorations, rentals, sound equipment, etc. at The Aerie prior to my event?

A: Unfortunately, The Aerie does not have storage for these items. With many events hosted at our facility during a week, we do not want your special belongings subjected to being lost or stolen. Please bring decorations, rentals, sound equipment, etc. to The Aerie at the arrival time listed on your contract.

Q: Can I bring my vendors (DJ, florist, etc.) to The Aerie prior to my wedding to view the facility?

A: Yes, by appointment, with respect to our event schedule, we can allow your vendors to view The Aerie in preparation for their set up. Please call your Detail Manager to request a time for showing.

Q: Does The Aerie’s staff set up my rentals?

A: Any outside rentals (i.e., rented chairs, chair covers, sashes, decorations, etc.) are your responsibility, with exception to any rentals arranged through your Event Manager using one of our preferred vendors or any of The Aerie’s in house rentals*.
Please have your vendor arrive during set up time and please have their duties specified (i.e., setting up chairs, tying sashes, etc.) prior to your special day. Also, please arrange for your vendors to return to The Aerie and remove rentals during the cleanup time stated on your contract. No overnight storage of rentals or decorations is permitted and will incur fees if not adhered to.

*The Aerie’s in house rentals are listed on our Added Touches sheet, all of which, we will set up for you.  See your Event Manager for details.

 Q:  What happens during the set up hours listed on my contract?

A:  The set up hours listed on your contract (typically 4pm-6pm) are reserved for the purpose of set up only.  During this timeframe, the Bride & Groom, the Bride & Groom's set up teams (Bridal Party, family, etc.) and vendors (photographer, DJ, florist, etc.) are welcome to enter the venue spaces including Bridal Suite and Groom's Lounge.  To ensure the seamless flow of your event, these mandatory set up hours must be upheld as stated in your contract and your event may not begin until these hours are complete.

Q: Can I buy extra hours on the front or back end if I need extra time?

A: Yes! We are more than happy to sell you more hours on the front or back end.  For the back end, though, we still need to make certain everything is cleaned up and all guests are out of the building to alarm it by midnight.  Ask your Event Manager for availability details at your Detail Meeting.

Q:  Can I have a floating lantern sendoff during my ceremony or reception?

A:  The Aerie is not permitted to host floating lantern sendoffs due to our suburban surroundings and Oregon's classification of floating lanterns as illegal fireworks. We DO, however, offer an unforgettable Sparkler Send Off for the Bride and Groom to run through upon exiting The Aerie building.